Tuesday, 13 March 2012


This is the verdict of Dr Royere of St Germain les Belles following Rufus's 2 month check up. If anyone has any doubts about their parenting abilities, I recommend a visit to him, its a great morale-booster and well worth the trip.

He is VERY enthusiastic about how healthy Rufus is. He tells me I'm a great mother, that my breast milk is obviously of the highest quality and that everything about Rufus is 'impeccable'. He almost applauds when Rufus cries briefly at his vaccinations but immediately stops when I comfort him. He performs a little jig when he discovers that Rufus is 5cm longer and 1.3 kg heavier than his last visit.

We love his enthusiasm, we love his compliments, we love that he tries to speak English. We wish he wouldn't park is car in front of my house. Oh well, better him than the Belgian.

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